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Rick Hemmingson

Rick Hemmingson

Rick's experience also includes several years as a successful businessman in Alberta and teacher before he entered law school. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan law school in the 1980's with honours and then began his legal career with a Calgary firm that is now one of the largest law firms in the world. After a few years of practicing under some of the finest lawyers in Canada, Rick was ready to return to a small town lifestyle.

Rick is a published author whose legal knowledge ranges through various litigation, personal injury and divorce matters to a range of solicitor's work including estate planning, probate, corporate, partnerships and real estate development.

Recent Trial Success

Some of Mr. Hemmingson's recent trial success has included precedent-setting decisions involving family farm estates and exempt securities offerings; confirmed on appeal. These include the following reported cases from Queen's Bench and the Court of Appeal, which included the first known case in Alberta where a deceased plaintiff's action was continued to trial and the deceased person's questioning (deposition) transcripts admitted as preferred evidence by the trial judge:

and the following estate litigation cases:


Mr. Hemmingson has published articles on a range of law-related topics.

Rick's first scholarly publication was a forward-looking article titled: “Jursidiction of Future Tribal Courts in Canada: Learning From the American Experience,” which was published in the Canadian Native Law Reporter in the 1980's.

More recent work – both articles and speaking engagements - addressed Canada's gun laws and RCMP conduct during the 2013 High River flood. Some of these can be read or viewed here: